Tom’s Tips

Last few years I've sent out Tom's Tips. Sometimes they have some swears. In truth, my amazing wife came up with most of the good advice.

This year they're compiled into an essential document

>>> CLICK HERE Tom's Fucking Tips for Burning Man
2019 Version


Lou's Smoking Hot Tips

SMOKIN HOT TIPS was originated by Lou and added by other members of the camp.

Hey darlings here some hot tips which will help you get your shit together for BM.

1. Start breaking in a pair of good boots. Trainers are o.k, flip flops are no good. The dust @ BM is alkaline and your feet peel through the dryness, it's sore so you need to protect them. BOOTS are the way forward and look hot. ...They need to be really comfy bcse you live in them so boots with more than an inch heel aren’t a great idea.

2. Bikes
You can pre order your bikes 2 wks prior to BM from Walmart online. A bike is around $60 we pick them up in Reno. You have to assemble them your self or if we are lucky they’ll be assembled. Bike with a basket worth it to carry crap. I The Walmart next to the Grande Sierra Resort is the one to send your order to when you book online.

Done research with shiteloads of places and this is still the cheapest option & bikes are good. Renting them seems to be up to $60 more which is ridiculous. If you want to try another place where you can get glow in dark bikes and they get donated to Africa after try Loop Bikes (you’ll have to look up online).

3. You have to have LED lights on your bike and you at night...You need LED lights so you’re visible or you get run over by art cars on the playa at night. Plus when dust storms happen it's white out and you need to be seen. LED lights can be bought from ORDER THEM NOW!!

4. Good goggles - Seriously you have to have good goggles, clear ones and not tinted bcse you need to wear them at night when your riding your bike and tinted ones you can't see with them in dark. (I tried it)

The dust is so full on when it gets in your eyes!!.

Skiing goggles are also good. You keep them on your everywhere you go! I got my goggles @, they are pretty cool mad max style ones.

5. Obviously shite loads of sunblock, lip balm. It's HOT!! Your lips peal from heat & cold.

6. ***WET wipes****loads of them and make up remover ones too.

7. A good jacket bcse at night it really can get cold. If you can go to op shops and find a pimp fur coat, it's uber BM and keeps you warm.

8. Don't bother with feather boas as dress up...they don't allow them on the playa it creates too much trash when they fall apart.

9. A tennis ball - your bike stand can sink in the sand, a tennis ball with a hole in it to keep your bike up.

10. Water bottle pack pack things. You ride miles on your bike and you have to have water constantly. Your drinking alcohol everywhere you stop. So you need to drink water and these camel pack back packs keep up to 5 litres of water. I didn’t bother with camel pack last year but get a good water bottle the metal ones with a clip.

Ok my lovelies, here are more top tips:-
11. AA batteries if you have LED lights for your bike-

12. Plastic cup, you can buy one at Kmart, put a hole in it or get one with a handle - attach with string and tie to your belt/bike whatever. Everywhere you stop on your bike you pull out your cup and people will give you a drink alcoholic or water.

13 - Caribina clips that you use for mountain climbing. So useful!! Clip stuff on to your belt or bike.-

14. Bike lock - you bikes can get ‘borrowed’ so lock them up. The ones with a code are best so you don’t have carry/loose a key.

15. Head torch and normal torch with strap to clip on your belt at night

16. Bum bag/holster bags - check out – Wildatheartbags. My friend from BANG BANG Rach Moore makes them. They are super festival friendly bags.

17. A tin mug with handle so you can clip it to your belt. When you rock up to bars you put your cup on counter and get a drink.

18. Saline solution for eyes and eye drops (they sting in the dust storms the dust is awful you really need to clean your eyes out) -

19. Bandana to cover your mouth from dust-

20. Rehydrate sachet salts from chemist I couldn't find these in USA so I'm bringing loads from Aus. This is a great plan bcse you can dehydrate easily on the playa! We had a friend who got pretty ill from dehydration. Its pretty common. So take loads of water goes with out saying.

21. Valium - sleeping pills if you can't sleep after several party nights -

22. Ear plugs the wax ones the sponging ones are crap. It's loud if you’re a bad sleeper make sure you have a supply.

23. Hats/sunnies/beanies - A MUST. It’s hot and cod at night.
24. Your clothes get so dusty even when just sitting in RV. This sounds anal but

I was glad I did it. Garbage bag your clothes into separate outfits. Definitely bag your camera equipment if you’re taking cam gear with you. It will get fckd if you don’t.

25. Plastic mattress covers you put over mattress for kids that pee in bed. Julian and I bought one and put it over the top of our made bed. This means no dust gets in your bed. I'm not kidding the dust goes everywhere...It means you can have people in and out of RV sitting on your bed etc and you bed stays dust free...they are cheap and makes a massive difference.

26. Remember to get your American visa ESTA – lasts for 2 years cost $14.

27. Take your ID you need it when you go to a bar on the playa to get served alcohol. I always take an expired Aus driving licence.

28. Vinegar – this is the only thing I found actually cleans the dust off your stuff of and if you get playa foot use vinegar mixed with water 4:1 water vinegar mix and soak feet for 20m.

28. Take a fckg amazing sense of humor with you. Things won’t always go as planned so acceptance and patience are high on the list...

Ultimately you are your own responsibility on the playa.

Create your own beautiful adventure. BE FREEEEEEEEE and live in the BM moment.

Have fun! Happy Burning Man. Much love,