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Camp Bang Bang exists 52 weeks a year. It is a global community of Bangers, Burners and best friends that help each other out. An amazing group of people from all walks of life and interests.

Our goal is to create an amazing place for people to come and hang, play, dance, laugh, drink and maybe even flirt while at Burning Man and  also beyond the dusty playground of Black Rock City. We aim to create fun events throughout the year in all of our locations and spread the Camp Bang Bang love everywhere. 

Theme: TBC
July 2019
Location: TBC
Theme: TBC

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What we are raising funds for? 
Each year we want to provide the best version of the camp we can possible create. Each year we invest our own money into the experience, infrastructure and creating a fun sub-playground of Black Rock City. This year is no different and we wanting to continue to growing the camp to be bigger and better for everyone who decides to join us this year.