About Camp Bang Bang & Our Interactivity


Camp Bang Bang was founded in 2010 by two Australians, Miss Rainbow Rache and Miss Banana Pitman, both residing in Brooklyn NY at the time. Since then our family of Bangers has expanded to a global community of 250 based from all over the world. In 2016 the camp had 15 countries represented, however Bang Bang always maintains the Aussie cheekiness.

We are a spicy mixed bag of treats, from a variety of paths, with a similar vision: To celebrate life at every opportunity; To live from the heart and To play until we die. 

On The Playa we embrace this vision wholeheartedly, sharing it through our exuberant camp interactivity and vibrant camp structures, lovingly created thanks to our legendary resident Art Director and camp visionary, Andy Reznik .

Our camp name was born from from our living, breathing fireball of a mascot, known as Chrissy 'Bang Bang' Bray. She performs, entertains, sings, dances and seduces all in her path and can be found on the Playa at our Wednesday night Wild Animal party in addition to epic cameos at Distrikt, Roots Society and the Dusty Rhino.


Our Sydney community encompasses many friends who are yet to attended Burning Man, yet share our vision and embrace the Ten Principles. We host dinner parties, sporting events, parties, fund raisers for local charities and also actively participate at local event such as Lost Paradise Festival, Burning Seed and community environmental event. The Bang Bang community has such diverse interests, the group as a whole whether in Sydney locally or globally is always involved with something crazy, radical, entertaining, spiritual or just simply sharing a cheeky cocktail as the sun goes down.

Camp Interactivity

Time stands still on the playa and for one week we become one mind-blowing tapestry of love, connection and expression. Our camp gifts are inspired by this and we serve the citizens of Black Rock city in the hope of making their experience even more magnificent. Bangers pride our selves on radical self-expression, participation,  play, inclusivity and communal effort and our camp gifts are inspired by these principles. 

Our 7th year on the Playa and our 6th year as Camp Bang Bang.

We want our interactivity tapping into the BM principles with stronger more visible daily schedule. Focused on participation, gifting, more radical inclusion, radical self-expression and decommodification.

Bang Bang in 2016, took inspiration from our flaming cowgirl entrance as creative direction. The Cowgirl vision represents the risk and reward of Vegas, the True Grit of the Wild West, The Flirtation of the Playboy Mansion and the cheekiness of an Australian (even though we are now 50% Aussie and 50% International).

In 2017, we extend our offering and hope to really embrace all Radical Rituals and we open the week with a Burning Man Landing Ceremony, followed by music, cocktails and great vibes all night...to check out our 2017 interactivity schedule, CLICK HERE

Our gifts will be delivered every day and embraces so many of the BM principals (communal effort, gifting, radical inclusion, radical self expression, participation & immediacy)